Saturday, July 6, 2013

Best Foot and Ankle Foot Tattoos For Women

A lot of women nowadays are following a trend which is normally associated with men, that of having a tattoo.  Women who had tattoos were regarded as rebellious or eccentric.  Today, tattoos on women are regarded as mainstream and are not regarded as an exception to the rule.

The foot and ankle are among the most popular body part that women like to have their tattoo on. 

There are a lot of tattoo designs to choose from ranging from butterflies to floral designs to fairies and stars.  Other designs include Buddha, lion and bird tattoos.  All the designs have a feminine design and so are much sought after by women and girls.  Tattoos on foot and ankles need more attention than on other parts of the body.

Women have a smaller and more petite body than that of men.  The tattoo designs also need to reflect this structure and so are more delicate and feminine.